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Thanks for visiting my "Maximizing Potential for a Rock Solid Future" fundraising page.

I'm very passionate about empowering women, which is why I've stepped up to help lead the "Women United for Change" movement.

We're already making a huge difference for several hundred women in Guatemala, and we've got plans to help many more this year.

Here's why I'm lending my support to this important opportunity (and I invite you to join me):

What is "Women United for Change"?

What is WUFCWomen United for Change is a movement, led by women from across the network marketing / direct sales profession.

By building our own businesses, we have become empowered (personally, professionally, spiritually and financially). We want to help other women experience the amazing transformation that comes about by having a business (particularly those in the poorest countries in the world).

We know that by investing a small portion of the profits from our network marketing/direct sales businesses into the Women Empowered program, we're making a big difference in the lives of other women (and for the world at large).

Why We've Partnered With PCI's "Women Empowered Program" and How We're Helping Women in Developing Countries

PCIWomen United for Change is partnering with PCI (Project Concern International), a large and influential non-profit with over 50 years experience in administering aid programs globally. Like many of the leading non-profits today — PCI recognizes that one of the fastest ways to bring about lasting change in developing nations is through the financial empowerment of women. This is what inspired them to create the "Women Empowered" program.

The "Women Empowered" program is a comprehensive training process (running 1 - 2 years in length) that helps women in undeveloped communities learn invaluable literacy, financial and leadership skills.

This program teaches women how to work together, pool their resources and income and help each other start and grow small businesses. These small businesses bring in money that these women then use to feed and care for their children, send them to school, and invest in other projects that benefit their communities as a whole.

Our Passion Project

The results are impressive! In just a few short years, Women Empowered has already helped over 400,000 women in twelve different countries learn key skills and start on the road to financial independence.

The women taking part in the Women Empowered program have collectively saved over 2 million dollars, and launched over 13,000 different micro-businesses in various countries. 98% of the women report less violence at home and 97% feel have they now have influence in their communities as a result of taking part in this training.

How You Can Help!

bonitasIt takes only $50 to sponsor a woman through 18+ months of comprehensive training in the Women Empowered program, which helps them learn new skills and start/grow a business of their own.

I've already sponsored several gals through this program, and for a $50 investment, you can also help change someone's life for good.

(But you don't have to invest $50 to make a difference - ANY amount ($20, $10, even $5) adds up to BIG changes for these women, so I sincerely thank you in advance for your support).

Your investment is *tax deductible and the process is fast, easy, and secure.

Just click on the button below to join my fundraising team and make your donation on the next page.

With all my heart, I thank you in advance for supporting this important opportunity.


Debi Granite and the "Maximizing Potential for a Rock Solid Future" Team!

(*Check with your tax adviser for details on how to deduct your donation).