We have a big vision!

Women United for Change has a goal of sponsoring 10,000 women in developing countries around the world to take part in PCI’s “Women Empowered” training program.

This training program is intensive, running for a period of 1-2 years.

During this time, women are taught invaluable literacy, financial and leadership skills, and get help in starting small businesses that generate much-needed income for their families.

What does it take to sponsor a woman to take part in this comprehensive program?

It’s shockingly low, an investment of only $50!

Join the CauseFor only $50, you make it possible for a woman in need to take part in over 18+ months of intensive training.

What’s the impact of this program? Enormous!

As these women gain a greater level of financial independence, they are able to better feed and care for their children. They’re able to send their children to school, ensuring greater opportunities for future generations.

They invest money back into their communities, and gain more influence socially and politically. Women are able to step into leadership positions, and create new policies and social conditions that start to dramatically change countries from the inside out.

The network marketing / direct sales profession is already transforming the lives of millions of women around the world. Through this project, we believe we can impact many more.

Please join the cause, and together, let’s demonstrate to the world the true spirit of this profession, and the power your business has to transform lives
and impact the world.