Our Passion Project

  • …study after study has taught us that there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.
    –UN Secretary-General
    Kofi Annan

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One the fastest and most effective ways to create rapid change in developing countries (and the world at large) is through the financial empowerment of women.

Studies show when women in developing nations get access to money, they use it very differently than men – often investing 90% to feed and educate their children and to improve conditions within their own communities.

Sadly, many of these women have limited access to education or decent jobs. Their opportunities to earn an income of any kind are limited, but with a little help, many can start and grow small businesses that dramatically change the quality of their lives.

Our Passion ProjectWith the profits of even the simplest of businesses, these women can now…

  • Feed and educate their children (often breaking a cycle of poverty that has enslaved their families for generations)…
  • Feel more valued and respected in their households (leading to a decrease in domestic violence and other abuse)…
  • Have a bigger voice in their community (and the ability to influence local decisions and policies)…
  • Bring a spirit of collaboration and community into environments previously dominated by competition and conflict

PCI’s “Women Empowered” program is helping thousands of women around the world become financially empowered by starting their own businesses.

Our Passion ProjectWomen United for Change is partnering with PCI (Project Concern International), a large and influential non-profit with over 50 years experience in administering aid programs globally. Like many of the leading non-profits today – PCI recognizes that one of the fastest ways to bring about lasting change in developing nations is through the financial empowerment of women. This is what inspired them to create the “Women Empowered Initiative”.

The “Women Empowered” program is a comprehensive training process (running 1 – 2 years in length) that helps women in undeveloped communities learn invaluable literacy, financial and leadership skills. This program teaches women how to work together, pool their resources and income and help each other start and grow small businesses. These small businesses bring in money that these women then use to feed and care for their children, send them to school, and invest in other projects that benefit their communities as a whole.


The results are impressive! In just a few short years, Women Empowered has already helped over 250,000 women in twelve different countries learn key skills and start on the road to financial independence.

The women taking part in the Women Empowered program have collectively saved over 2 million dollars, and launched over 13,000 different micro-businesses in various countries. 98% of the women report less violence at home and 97% feel have they now have influence in their communities as a result of taking part in this training.

Why “Women United for Change” is partnering with PCI in a big way!

Women United for Change is a movement, led by women from across the network marketing / direct sales profession. We are strong believers in the power of entrepreneurship and in helping others transform their lives (especially women).

By building our own businesses, we have become empowered (personally, professionally, spiritually and financially). We want to help other women experience the amazing transformation that comes about by having a business (particularly those in the poorest countries in the world).

We know that by investing a small portion of the profits from our network marketing/direct sales businesses into the Women Empowered program, we’re making a big difference in the lives of other women (and for the world at large).

Perhaps our passion for this project can be best summed up in the words of the Dalai Lama, who said…

  • “The World Will Be Saved By the Western Women”
    –His Holiness the Dalai Lama,
    Vancouver Peace Summit, 2009

This is an idea we take to strongly to heart. As women from the West who’ve already gained financial independence, we feel it’s our responsibility and our privilege to help others do the same.

By doing so, we know we are forever changing the lives of women and their families for generations to come, and helping to create new social conditions that are changing countries from the inside out.

If you feel inspired- join us!

For only $50, you can sponsor a woman to take part in the Women Empowered program, and provide her with the training and support to create a business of her own.

The income from this business will improve her family’s welfare and allow her to positively influence social conditions within her community.
Women with economic influence = powerful and positive change!