Meet the Women & Girls Who Have Benefitted from Your Support

As of March 2018 – Women United for Change has raised $252,333, enough to support over 5046 women to take part in PCI’s Women Empowered program.

As you know, the “Women Empowered” program provides training and support to help women start “micro businesses” that bring in much needed income for themselves and their families.

Women around the world are rising out of poverty and creating new opportunities through your support of the Women Empowered program.

Here’s just a handful of their stories…

Africa – Ethiopia 

In Ethiopia, approximately 60 women are taking part in the local WE program and have started keeping bees as a way to generate money. They are currently learning to find ways to get their honey into the local markets and to interested buyers.

Recently two buyers have been identified in the local area who have promised to buy as much honey as the group can produce. Things are starting to grow and they are excited!

Central America – Nicaragua

Nico is a member of a Women Empowered group in Nicaragua. She started a business growing and processing the jicaro seed, which is high in protein and is an important source of hydration for animals during drought.

Through the WE program, Nico’s goal is to expand her business. She has a goal to be able to do business on a national level in Nicaragua and also sell into other countries. Big goals for a little business, but you’ve helped launch her and things are growing!

Africa – Tanzania

Lemmy is a member of a Women Empowered (WE) group in Tanzania. When her husband died, she was left alone to care for her eight children.

When taking part in the WE group, Lemmy was told about an opportunity to sell solar lanterns to people in her community through a group called “Solar Sister”.

Solar Sister helps women become distributors of a very affordable and highly effective “solar lantern” a product that is invaluable to many people in her community. Lemmy now helps bring light to homes in her village, making it possible for students to study and workers to be productive into the evenings.

The income Lemmy has earned by selling these lanterns has helped pay for her kids’ education, get more work as a seamstress, and create other income sources through selling chickens and farming maize. Lemmy has become a “multi-preneur” because of your support!

United States

Lilia Sivilotti-Puente came to the U.S. from Argentina. When her husband became ill and could no longer work, it was up to Lilia to support their family.

She joined a WE group through PCI’s U.S. & Border Programs.

They provided her the tools and resources she needed to help her family and her newfound catering business to succeed.

“I learned a lot about how to launch a business in America. I also learned that in this country you can actually do things that will support you in reaching your dreams.”

These are just a HANDFUL of success stories of women who’s lives YOU have changed because of your support for Women United for Change, and PCI’s “Women Empowered” program.

Check back soon for more success stories, and mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 9th at 1 Pm Pacific Time – 4 PM Eastern!

We’ll be doing a LIVE TV broadcast at that time, sharing more updates about the Women United for Change program and more success stories from the women you are supporting!

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And if you feel called to add your support again to these deserving women – please do so at  PCI/Women United for Change