Success Stories from the Field – How Your Support is Making a Difference!

In November, 2016, a small group of founding leaders from Women United for Change traveled to Guatemala. They had the opportunity to visit some of the Women Empowered groups we’ve been supporting, with money raised through our fundraising efforts over the last year.


Watch this inspiring video and see how your support is making a HUGE difference in the lives of women, through Project Concern International’s “Women Empowered” program.

As you heard, it takes only $50 to sponsor a woman through all 18 months of this life changing program, which helps her develop leadership, literacy and accounting skills and start a small micro-business of her own.

Women use this new income to feed and educate their children and improve conditions in their communities.

To help us continue to transform the lives of women around the world, please go here and donate now: Women United for Change

Even $10 or $5 adds up to BIG changes for these women, their families and their communities.