Update from Tanzania – How Your Support Is Helping Women Have Water (and Income!)

Thank you for your continued support of Women United for Change.

As of July 2017, we have collectively raised over $189,500 (enough to support 3780 women to take part in PCI’s “Women Empowered” programs around the world).

Because of YOU, women in developing countries are learning new skills and starting small “micro-businesses” that generate much-needed income for their families and communities.

One of the projects we’re funding is this “water re-cycling” initiative in Tanzania.

Women in the local “Women Empowered” group have set up a system to re-claim well water that helps them grow vegetables. (They then sell this produce to a local market, where they earn money to maintain this well site, as well as to invest in similar projects that benefit their community).

Watch this short video featuring Ashely Dittmar (Development Officer for Project Concern International) as she visits the women we’re helping on a recent trip to Tanzania.

As you can see, many of the projects you’re supporting through Women United for Change are simple, and yet can make an immediate difference for these women and their families!

Thank you for your continued support, and please free to share this update with other women who’d like to get behind the “Women United for Change” movement!

And if you feel inspired – please click on this link to lend your support and help more deserving women change their lives through entrepreneurship!