Why Women In Guatemala Are Committed to Changing Their Lives through PCI’s WE Program


More WE Success Stories from Guatemala

As we kick off a brand new year with 2017, those of us involved with Women United for Change (WUFC) wanted to take a moment to appreciate everyone who has contributed to this important movement in the past year. With your help, we have now raised over $172,000, enough to support 3440 women to take part in PCI’s Women Empowered program.

As you know, the Women Empowered program teaches women leadership  and business skills, as well as how to create their own loan pool by working together to save money. They then use this money to start small businesses, improve the quality of life for themselves, their families, and their community, etc.

What’s Your Why?

Today, we want to highlight three inspiring stories from the WE program in Guatemala. We asked each of them to tell us, “What’s Your Why?” for being a part of the program.

Guadalupe M.

“…they trained us as leaders of the community so we can help the community and the women, who are the most important in the community.”

The development support and training Guadalupe received by participating in the WE program has helped her to grow as a leader in her community. Guadalupe has become empowered to take a more active role in her community and help support the children and women of her society. Together, she and the women in the group have learned how to save money, which can be used to contribute to the community and improve their families’ quality of life.

Rosalba A.

“Savings are very important to me because we think about our family, the future of our kids, and how to contribute to our community.”

Saddened by the struggle of Guatemala and its people, Rosalba put her focus on her children. She wanted to give them a better life and ensure they would have money for food, education, and medical expenses. She knew she couldn’t rely on the allowance her husband gave her. By being a part of the WE program she’s learned how to save money and take better control of her families’ future, no matter what situation may arise.

Consuelo P.

“We have achieved so much in the Women Empowered group. It’s helped me have money for my kids when they get sick.”

Before participating in the WE program, Consuelo worked a 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. job and rarely saw her family. Because of the group, she was able to buy a sewing machine, which allowed her to work from home and be there more for her family. She also no longer worries about having money to buy medicine or other items for her kids when they need it. Consuelo is so encouraged by the WE program because of the benefits it has provided to both her family and her community.

The Journey Continues

Our efforts in Guatemala continue to help the women involved in the WE programs make changes to their financial situation. They now have money to educate their children and invest in projects. They’ve also taken on a bigger leadership role in their communities.

As Pascal Wagner, PCI Country Director, Guatemala says, “Although there are some obvious differences between WUFC and the women we support, there are a lot of similarities too. We all share a capacity to dream and a desire to overcome challenges, so our families can live a better life.”