WUFC Founders Trip to Guatemala Nov. 2016

In early November, five dedicated founding leaders from Women United for Change trekked to  Guatemala to visit some of the “Women Empowered” groups we’ve been sponsoring over the last year.

WUFCAfter arriving in the capital Guatemala City (population 3 million) they boarded a bus for the long, bumpy ride into the very rural area of Huehuetenango (known for it’s coffee crops).

Here they had the opportunity to visit the women we’ve been sponsoring through PCI’s “Women Empowered” groups in Chanchiquia Ixtahuaccan and Chiantla, as well as another PCI-sponsored program at Casa Materna. (Casa Materna is a modest but very important pediatric clinic that has provided much-needed health care and birthing services to thousands of women in the area with at-risk pregnancies).

WUFC 3These leaders also made stops at  other WE groups sites in Mixco (Barrio Mio) as well as Santa Catarina Pinula. In each area, they were overwhelmed with the warmth of the women they met, and their inspiring stories.

They got to see the “Women Empowered” program in action as they observed the women leading the groups, and sharing about their experiences and their savings and income-producing projects.

The trip touched each of these founders deeply, as you’ll hear in their short video shares below.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who’ve supported Women United for Change over this last year. Your generous support is making a measurable, real and long-term difference in the lives of the women we’ve been sponsoring, and their families. As these women transform themselves and their circumstances, they will continue to be “change agents” in their communities for years to come. By supporting women through WE programs, you are truly helping to change the world.

And with “GIVING TUESDAY” happening on Tuesday, November 29th, we’d like to ask you to WUFC4consider joining us in celebrating our good fortune, by donating again to this important cause.

If you aren’t familiar with #GivingTuesday – it takes place on the Tuesday after the American Thanksgiving holiday. In the midst of the “Black Friday deals” and shopping frenzy that can occur during this time, Giving Tuesday was created as an opportunity to “give thanks” in other ways.

Many people use this day to support their favorite causes, and we’d be honored if you’d consider supporting Women United for Change again on this day!

It takes only $50 to sponsor a gal to take part in the “Women Empowered” program, where she’ll learn invaluable skills that will put her on the road to a new level of financial independence for herself and her family.

And other donations ($25, $10, etc) add up to BIG changes. PCI’s programs provide families and children with medical help, hot school lunches and other important community services.

Please go here to lend your support (and if you feel called, you can also set up recurring monthly donations or even create your our funding team and help raise money through your own network).

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